Asphalt in a Bag The ORIGINAL Asphalt in a Bag

Asphalt in a Bag Dense Mix

Asphalt in a Bag pothole repair is a permanent patch due to its ability to expand and contract with the road surface and it offers a lifetime performance guarantee. The first and ORIGINAL pothole repair was Asphalt in a Bag in New Zealand.


The curing process for pothole repairs is activated by impact in combination with normal ambient evaporation it bonds to asphalt, concrete, steel and even wood. Asphalt in a Bag pothole repair can be stored for long periods (up to 1 year max).


Asphalt in a Bag pothole repair is workable in any weather condition and can be applied even if the area to be repaired is full of water. This is exceptionally beneficial as most road damage occurs during or immediately after rain or snow.


Basic tooling for application is required such as a broom, spade and hand tamper for small pothole repairs, for larger repairs a small heavy roller or a vehicles tyres.


Simple preparation as only loose debris needs to be removed, pre-coating of any form is not required. Fast application means minimal traffic delays, Asphalt in a Bag pothole repair can take traffic immediately.


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