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An image of a repaired asphalt road - Asphalt in a Bag NZ
Logo of Asphalt in a Bag the original NZ-Made cold pothole repair product.

Asphalt in a Bag

The first and ORIGINAL pothole repair in New Zealand was Asphalt in a Bag.

Asphalt in a Bag pothole repair is a permanent patch due to its ability to expand and contract with the road surface. It will bond to asphalt, concrete, steel & even wood. 


Asphalt in a Bag can be used in any weather conditions and also to wet areas such as potholes full of water. It can be stored for long periods of time in a bagged or un-bagged state; its curing process is activated by impact. 


Asphalt in a Bag application is 5 times faster than the average solutions & can be exposed to traffic immediately. 

Photo of a pothole before it was repaired by Asphalt in a Bag cold pothole repairs NZ

Fill that pothole before it becomes a problem.

Buy in Bulk Now

Photo of a pallet-load of the Asphalt in a Bag cold NZ-made pothole repair product.

Purchase a pallet-load of Asphalt in a Bag.
Buy 50 x 20kg bags at the wholesale price of $23.50+GST per bag. 

$1175.00 (excl. GST)

Purchase a pallet-load of Recycled Asphalt Patch, our cheapest and most eco-friendly solution.
Buy 50 x 20kg bags at the wholesale price of $9.95+GST per bag. 

$497.50 (excl. GST)


Purchase a pallet-load of Asphalt Patch, a cheaper and slightly grainier solution.Buy 50 x 20kg bags at the wholesale price of $15.95+GST per bag. 

$797.50 (excl. GST)


Directions for Use

Clean to make ready for Asphalt in a Bag

Where and if possible clean the damaged area in preparation for Asphalt in a Bag.

Fill with asphalt in a Bag

Pour the Asphalt in a Bag out of the bag in to the area that requires repairing.

Roll Asphalt in a Bag

Ideally roll the area with a rubber roller but if not possible then tamp down with a shovel or vehicle tyres.

Open for traffic after installing Asphalt in a Bag

Open the repaired area to traffic straight away. Asphalt in a Bag has a tenacious bond and will stay put.

Lifetime performance guarantee

When applied according to manufacturer’s specifications, Asphalt in a Bag is guaranteed to adhere permanently to the repaired area until the surrounding pavement area fails.

All products prices are displayed GST & freight exclusive. Delivery from Christchuch & Auckland depots. View shipping rates here.  Pay direct via credit card or request an account facility at checkout.
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