Seaboard Equinox Asphalt Sealer and Rejuvenator

Asphalt Sealer Equinox Asphalt rejuvenator and sealer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Driveway Sealer and Rejuvenator is a superior gilsonite driveway sealer that dries to a beautiful black glossy surface.


BASIC USES: Driveway Sealer and Rejuvenator is used as a rejuvenator and sealer on bituminous asphalt parking lots and driveways.



DO NOT APPLY on NEW bituminous surfaces before they oxidize 60-90 days, inclined driveways, or over surfaces with a coal tar coating.


APPLICATION: Driveway Sealer and Rejuvenator should be applied to a thoroughly clean and dry bituminous surface after all cracks and holes have been filled with Asphalt in a Bag Crack filler. The material may be applied with a paint roller, brush, squeegee, or spray equipment at a rate of 10 to 14 square meters per gallon.