Asphalt Paint - Quick Drying - LN-12 

Product Description:
Seaboard Quick Drying Asphalt Paint is designed for federal specification TTC-494 Types I, II, and III. This material is a superior quick drying asphalt paint.

Basic Uses:
Seaboard Quick Drying Asphalt Paint is used as a tough and weather resistant coating on all types of wood, steel, piping, industrial equipment from fence posts and palings to chassis, radiators, and precast concrete , etc.

Storage and Limitations:
Do not heat container.  Keep material in warm area before use and during cold weather.

Seaboard Quick Drying Asphalt Paint may be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto a clean and dry surface. This material dries within one hour and cures within five hours. This product can be used year round.

40 Square meters per 5 Gallon (18.93L) pail.

Composition and Safety:
For complete safety information please review the Safety Data Sheet for this product.