Aluminium Asphalt Fibrated Roof Coating

Features and benefits:

Gives an effective metallic shield, providing protection against the damaging actinic rays of the sun and corrosive environment. Waterproofs and weatherproofs. Reflects up to (70%) percent of the sun’s heat and will reduce under roof temperature as much as 10 degrees C.


Forms a highly durable, weather resistant, waterproof coating. Works as an insulator during the winter months by reflecting internal heat. Has an aesthetic value, provides long, lustrous, metallic finish. More economical than oil base paints.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations:
This coating is to be applied without thinning under normal environmental and application conditions. 

Do not thin.


Aluminium flakes blended in liquid asphalt containing fibres.

Uses: Built-up roofs, composition roofs, metal roofs, house trailers, barns, silos, storage tanks, water towers, and refrigerated units.