• Permanent repair solution.
  • Bonds to asphalt, concrete, steel and even wood.
  • Can be stored for long periods of time.
  • Applied in any weather conditions.
  • Application time is 5 times faster.
  • Immediately expose repaired area to traffic.
  • No pre-coating is required.
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  • Do it yourself pothole repairs.
  • Do it yourself driveway repairs.
  • Do it yourself asphalt repairs.
  • Easy to use cold asphalt.
  • Easy to use cold patch.

Asphalt in a Bag - Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Cold Patch (Cold Asphalt)

Asphalt in a Bag is a cold lay asphalt, it is a permanent solution for repairing potholes, driveways and Asphalt re-instatements. Cold patch (cold asphalt) is used to permanently repair asphalt. Asphalt in a Bag can be used in any weather to repair potholes, patch asphalt driveways or patch asphalt roads.

Pothole and Driveway Repairs

The ultimate Do It Yourself asphalt repair, pothole repair and driveway repair product. Our market leading product makes driveway pothole repair easy, making this cold patch, the easiest to use pothole repair product on the market.

Easy. Instant. Permanent.

Asphalt in a Bag has a lifetime performance guarantee. There is no special equipment required to install and it is ready to use right out of the bag. As soon as you have applied the product it is ready for traffic making this product an instant fix.